Honey Rogue is a boutique graphic design studio offering bespoke creative services with a highly imaginative approach to all aspects of design production.

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Honey Rogue Design is a boutique graphic design studio based in St. Peters, Sydney, Australia. We say boutique because we are a small team and when we engage with clients, big or small, we offer them a bespoke and comprehensive creative service.

We deliver unique solutions for our customers across all facets of design; illustration, typography, print design, brand development, visual identity, web design & development, marketing and social media engagement.

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Ash Grunwald Gargantua

Ash Grunwald - Gargantua
4-panel digipack with clear tray / Disc print / Digital pre-release single

Ash Grunwald Gargantua

The story of 'Gargantua' goes something like this. The boys get together in Byron over a BBQ and discuss plans to jam together. From here the idea of a tour is born, with Ash using the The Living End rhythm section, Scott Owen and Andy Strachan. The boys are so chuffed by the sound of the three of them in room that they hit a studio and record an album, in a day.

Ash's manager Matty Woo called Honey Rogue in at the 11th hour, knowing there was the slightest possibility they could still get an album cut, designed, manufactured and distributed, in record time, to have on the merch desk for the first dates of the tour. Sure enough we hauled on through the night and made it on time. Turning around the art in a record 4 days from brief to manufacturing plant. We'd rather not make a habit of this though.

Ash Grunwald Gargantua Ash Grunwald Gargantua Ash Grunwald Gargantua Ash Grunwald Gargantua Ash Grunwald Gargantua Ash Grunwald Gargantua Ash Grunwald Gargantua