Honey Rogue is a boutique graphic design studio offering bespoke creative services with a highly imaginative approach to all aspects of design production.

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Honey Rogue Design is a boutique graphic design studio based in St. Peters, Sydney, Australia. We say boutique because we are a small team and when we engage with clients, big or small, we offer them a bespoke and comprehensive creative service.

We deliver unique solutions for our customers across all facets of design; illustration, typography, print design, brand development, visual identity, web design & development, marketing and social media engagement.

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Our friends:

Young Henrys Can Artwork

We were thrilled to be commissioned by Young Henrys to create the packaging design for their release of select beer and cider in cans. We focused on each beverage's established colour scheme, then combined those elements with black line art illustration and selective use of the can's natural aluminium substrate.

Young Henrys Can Artwork
Young Henrys Can Artwork

Young Henrys Can Artwork

Young Henrys Can Artwork

The Young Henrys team also commissioned Honey Rogue to handle the packaging design and branding for their first foray into the spirit world, with Newtown's own Noble Cut Small Batch Gin. The branding is silk screen printed directly onto the glass, with the rear of the bottle getting an iconic halftone image of King Street printed onto the glass in metallic copper ink. To look through the full vessel from the front gives you an almost magical magnification of the streetscape.

Young Henrys Noble Cut Gin

This lovely small batch mother's ruin pours from a still bought off an 8th generation moonshiner out of the smokey mountains in Tennessee. Noble Cut is made with juniper, orris root, Australian native bush tomato, pepperberry and Tasmanian-grown hops.

Young Henrys Noble Cut Gin

Young Henrys Noble Cut Gin

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